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Do other people see you as you see yourself?

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Step 1. Rate your own personality.
Open the Clipboard (the brown bar floating above).

It'll look like this. Drag it where you need it.

Answer the questions about yourself the first time.

After that, use the Clipboard to guess how others see themselves.
Step 2. Join us to save your answers.
Everyone gets a personality "bubblechart."

Big bubbles mean you strongly demonstrate
those personality traits. Small bubbles mean you don't.

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Step 3. Make a profile and start guessing people so they'll guess you back.

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We score the results with a published psychological formula.

The higher the bar, the more accurate you are on a scale from 0 to 1.

Strangers are usually below .20, so if anyone beats that they're pretty good.
Step 4. You can do everything on this site for free.

Just give as much as you receive.
All you have to do is keep your credits above zero.

Earn credits by guessing people.

Spend your credits to see what people guessed about you.
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