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Frequently asked questions.

Last Modified: 9.20.2007

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  1. What are all the ways to earn and spend contribution credits?
  2. I added the YouJustGetMe application to my Facebook account. How do I log in here?
  3. I joined the site before I rated my own personality. How do I do that now that I'm a member?
  4. Can I rate my own personality before I join?
  5. Can I rate my personality again after I save the answers?
  6. Why can't I see certain people's profiles?
  7. How can I control who can see my profile?
  8. Why can't I send a message to certain people?
  9. How do people get on the Top Scores?
  10. How do you calculate personality scores and accuracy scores?
  11. Who built this site?
  12. How do I change my personal information?
  13. How do I get removed from the site?
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