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Here are the clues cpetersen_86 has given about his personality.


My career path... Neuropsychology/Cognitive Neuroscience !

My spirituality... Eclectic mix of Buddhism (particularly Mahayana, especially Zen and Tibetan), Hindu (Advaita Vedanta), mystic Christianity, Sufi Islam, etc, etc, etc !

My relationship status... Single !

My relationship saga... Never really been in a long term relationship. Honestly, haven't really dated anybody in a couple of years. !

My political leanings... far left !

My political views... Anarcho-Libertarian Socialist (whatever that means) !

A great song... "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin !

An awful song... Anything Pop !

A great movie... Fight Club, SLC Punk, V for Vendetta !

An awful movie... Most "romance" movies !

A great book... Neuromancer by William Gibson !

An awful book... Most really popular books that aren't "classics" !

An awful company... Wal-Mart, ExxonMobile, !

Terrible food... onions !

A great person... Alan Watts !

An awful person... George W. Bush !

What Ive been up to lately... Doing a study on the effects of fatigue on situational awareness/racial perception in correctional officers.... hopefully will hlep get me into grad school !

What drives me crazy... stupid people, shallow people, stuck up people, !

What makes me glad to be alive... People, especially those that I care for. Sitting atop a mountain, looking down at the valley below and realizing that our lives are meaningless in the grand scheme of things... don't take it so seriously that you forget to enjoy this incredible opportunity to be alive and breathing. !

My ethnicity as others define it... Caucasian, European, European-American !

My ethnicity as I define it... Danish, Welsh, English, Swiss, Spanish, Native American !

Gender... Male !

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